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Day 359/365 Christmas Day

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”


Well thats Christmas day 2013 ‘done’ in the Vokes household, and Olivia’s first ever Christmas. So, how did it go, I hear you ask. Just about as well as it could, really, we all had a lovely day! We had a quiet start to the day, opening presents for the first time as a family, although its fair to say that Olivia needed a little help with hers! We all had some lovely gifts and were very pleased with them, and Olivia was truly spoilt, she had lots of gifts, all lovely and extremely appreciated. WHen I was showered and dressed, I prepared our goliath hunk of turkey according to Delia’s suggestions and put it in the oven. The veg were already prepared by Clare last night, and so were ready to be cooked later in the morning. My family were the first to arrive, bringing gifts and a dessert for later. Dinner was well under way at this point, and Clare’s parents arrived shortly before dinner was due to be served, as they’d already been somewhere else before they got to us. Dinner was served up with the help of a few extra hands, as Olivia decided to choose this point to have a screaming fit, as she suddenly realised she was tired and overdue for a nap! Once she was settled and asleep, I could sit down and the dinner itself was pretty amazing, I enjoyed every single mouthful, even if I had stood and cooked it myself. As we finished dinner and were about to clear up, my friend Millie turned up with her son, my godson, to deliver some presents for Olivia. Thankfully there was enough help to wash and dry the dishes without me having to abandon our new guests. She had warned me about her arrival, but my failure to check my phone meant that I missed the text message and it was a bit of a surprise. Millie only stayed until we served up dessert, where I got a chance to put brandy on the Christmas pudding and light it. Look at me, fully acting out the whole “Dad” role by carving the turkey, wearing my christmas jumper and lighting the christmas pud! I think the only stereotype i’m missing is falling asleep in front of the queens speech! We rounded off the evening with a traditional christmas viewing of Raiders Of The Last Ark, after which the last of our days guests left us and headed for home, and suddenly peace descended upon us again. I had promised the wife she could take over the tv with her 2 hr special of Downton Abbey, so it seemed a perfect opportunity to get this photo up, and now I”m done… time to pour another drink. Well, why not, it IS Christmas after all!

Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks for joining me on this 365 journey so far this year, with now only a week left! It has been a fantastic Christmas day in our new home, and with my new family, and a great start to the final week of my project.


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