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Day 357/365

“Through a frosty winter night. In a sleigh with reindeer flight. Bringing joy to large and small. Merry Christmas one and all.”


“Weather warnings” seemed to be the words of the day on the news, and granted, it was a bit grizzly outside when I got up. I had conspired with one of the other antenatal dads to meet at a local garden centre around midday as they had some real reindeers for people to visit, and we’d kept it from the wives until the last minute. It would have been a total surprise, but Clare was reluctant to go outside with the weather being as miserable as it was, and needed some motivation. Thankfully she thought it was a good idea when I told her about the plan and we met up with not one, but two of the other antenatal couples and their little ones. I’m sure the babies weren’t too fussed about seeing the reindeer, but us as parents thought it was wonderful. We had a wander around the christmas section and stopped for a spot of lunch and a chat in the cafe before heading home. The heavens completely opened as we went to leave, with rivers running down the car park, so we held off a bit before we headed back to the cars.

After we got home I realised there was one more trip to the supermarket to make, to grab a few supplies for dinner and some drinks for christmas day. I waited until later in the afternoon, when the crowds had died down a bit, and it was definitely the right decision!

Now just waiting for one of my sisters and her family to turn up for some dinner. I may just pour myself a drink! Christmas is almost here and for me, its not about the presents or the cards, its about who you spend it with. Last night we had some friends round, tonight its family and then we’re cooking for eight on Christmas day. I just wish we could squeeze even more people into this week! I hope no-one reading this is spending Christmas on their own, its people that definitely make it what it is!

Happy Christmas everyone!


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