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Day 355/365

Our Generation has had no Great war, no Great Depression. Our war is spiritual. Our depression is our lives.


As Christmas draws closer, and with just a couple of days left to go, the need to visit family and deliver cards and presents increases. Today we went to visit my cousin, and see her baby daughter who is twice as old as Olivia at 7 months old, even though our little monster is already as big as her. Not a great surprise really as Olivia is already bigger than most of the other babies from our antenatal group who are all older than her, seeing as she was the last in the group to be born! It was a nice afternoon as we don’t see as much of my family as I’d like, but christmas is the perfect opportunity for making that extra effort. Plus a busy 2012 has kind of slowed us down a little bit with our plans to see everyone we wanted to. After we left my cousin, it was off to see my nan, Olivia’s great grandmother! I was really pleased we got to do this as, like I mentioned previously, it has frustrated me that we haven’t been able to do it more often in recent weeks! Lets face it, my nan isn’t getting any younger and none of us know how long we have on this planet. So that’s my new years resolution, right there… to see more of my friends and family in 2014!

After my nan’s it was time to head home, grab some more milk for the little lady and some food for us. Then we headed over to my uncles house for different cousins birthday where some of the family were getting together. Not all could make it, but some of those who didn’t turn up were no great surprise anyway. It was lovely to see those who were there, especially my cousin Jon who is around the same age as me and finally looks like he has met someone lovely that he can properly settle down with. I was starting to feel a bit rough, by the end of the evening, clearly still not over this virus entirely, and we needed to get Olivia home for her last bottle and bed.

I had every intention of staying up to type this whilst finishing my last beer, but it was me who was finished and rather than write a duff blog post, full of typos, spelling errors and text that didn’t make any sense, I thought best to throw in the towel, head to bed and type this all up in the morning when i’m feeling a little fresher. With now less than 10 days to the end of my 365, why ruin the blog by being half asleep?

So todays photo is a new one of Olivia with her great grandma in contrast to the last one taken not too long after she was born. A photo that will be treasured for a long time to come!


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