365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 352/365

“Sickness is the vengeance of nature for the violation of her laws.”


Feeling like death!

Shortly after last nights post I could feel everything start to ache and knew a virus was trying its best to dig its heels in again. I gave up and crawled into the lovely big comfy bed and yet still managed to have the worst… nights… sleep… EVER!! I managed to grab this shot in a beautiful little village called Steeple Ashton on the way to the training venue. It looks like a wonderful place to live! Maybe one day?

Started this morning feeling rough, but still threw myself through the shower and jumped on the cooked breakfast to see if it would help… it didn’t! By the end of todays course, it was all I could do just to keep taking the painkillers and stay awake. I managed to make the 2hr drive home (without nodding off!), only stopping once at the services for a quick toilet break. I was feeling a bit peckish, but £4 for a sandwich, £3 for pringles… I think I’ll stay hungry thanks! How can service stations make any money, people can’t be buying this stuff, surely? I just took a ridiculously overpriced chocolate bar instead, to give me a bit of energy!

Now i’m home and its wonderful to see the wife and daughter, although forcing myself to keep my distance so I don’t spread any germs on. Just hoping a decent nights sleep will mean I feel well enough for work tomorrow. I hate that half hour argument I have with myself each time I have to contemplate calling in sick, trying to work out if i’m actually ill enough to justify the phone call, or whether I can just suck it in and get ready for work. I’m not one of those people who can just call up at the slightest sniffle without a second thought.

Lets see how I feel in the morning!

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