365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 350/365

“Irony is wasted on the stupid”


Tonights post can’t be long, I should have been asleep hours ago! I’ve got a really early start tomorrow and I struggle to get out of bed on the best of days! I find having a baby helps, there’s nothing to drag your sorry ass out of bed, like knowing you need to heat some milk up fast before you have a complete and total meltdown looming in the next five minutes! Sadly tomorrow, all I have is my alarm clocks and the elbow of my wife, no doubt more eager to get back to sleep than send me off with a kiss and a wave on my two day course down south!

Unfortunately, now the wife has bought Olivia up to bed, I am forced to get ready, as I will do in the wee small hours tomorrow morning, by the light of her make up mirror, as the light bulb in my bedside lamp ironically chooses today of all days to die! Even my trip out to Merry Hill tonight to finish up a bit of last minute Christmas shopping failed to jog my memory to buy a new bulb! Damn it!

Well, this is me done for today. Hopefully the next time I blog will be in the comfort of my B&B bed hooked up to their wifi!



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