365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 348/365

“I distrust camels, and anyone else who can go a week without a drink.”


Before I’ve even got used to it being the weekend, its already Saturday and its already dark! These weekends just go too quickly! Had a bit of a slow day, spending a bit of time with the wife and daughter as the weather outside was the kind of weather that makes you want to stay inside! The sister in law appeared this morning for a coffee, forcing us to suddenly get dressed quite quickly, probably a good thing. This afternoon we got to visit Scott and Julia and meet baby Cooper, who has yet to have his name confirmed. He was tiny and adorable, and it suddenly made Olivia look huge, even though she was born at a similar weight… was she really that tiny once? I know she was long when she was born, but I don’t remember her being that small. She certainly isn’t now, but I still look at her all the time and think about how lucky I am, for many reasons. I have what I never thought I would have, and thats a happy family. I have a daughter who is not only beautiful, but getting more beautiful by the day, and also hardly cries at all. As the wife pointed out tonight, she can go whole days at a time without crying even once, something we sometimes get a bit embarrassed about telling other new parents, who are clearly sleep deprived and having a far less easy time of it than we are.

Tonight though, marks a special anniversary for me and the wife…five years to the day since we first met on a very drunk night out up town! I’m sad that only one of us can go, as obviously one of us needs to look after Olivia, but I still have to admit, I am very excited about tonight, there haven’t been many nights out at all this year, especially compared with previous years. We have the house and the baby as an excuse, but our friends as a group, also haven’t been out much. Its not like we’ve missed the nights out by not being able to attend, they just haven’t happened. Still, tonight is a tradition and the wife doesn’t mind me going, so i’m off to get a shower and throw my glad rags on!


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