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Day 347/365

“The baby will talk when he talks, relax. It ain’t like he knows the cure for cancer and just ain’t spitting it out.”


Yet again we are blessed with the delight that is Friday, and another weekend is upon us. This Friday in particular was National Christmas Jumper Day, and so after a quick trip to Asda I managed to pick up something which was not only affordable, but also lovely and soft as well as being reasonably tasteful. I won’t lie, I quite enjoyed wearing it, and felt like a total dad just by having the jumper on! After work we had our buffet and secret santa, as for some reason we couldn’t do it at lunch time. My secret santa was a bit disappointing, as apparently was unaware today was the day, and so I got cash! Oh well, better luck next time!

While I was waiting for the wife to get ready to go out at home, I decided to give Olivia a bit of “tummy time” on the floor and to our surprise she has now started to properly lift her head up for the first time. I couldn’t help but capture this moment and preserve it. She has tried to move her head before, but generally doesn’t like being on her front much as she struggled to move her head previously. Our little girl is growing up so fast!

Dropped Clare into town after picking up a friend, and then headed home to get Olivia ready for our little trip out without mommy. It was a traditional weekend of meeting up with friends for a birthday/xmas celebration which we’ve been doing for years, and it is in fact the anniversary, 5 years to the day, since I met Clare, as it was on this particular night out that me and my friends bumped into her and her friends on the dance floor of a Birmingham club. The big Saturday night has developed a new tradition of the Friday night curry tagged onto the front of it now, which is a very low key affair, and one I thought I was going to miss. I figured that if Olivia is going to sleep anyway, then surely she could just sleep in her car seat and I could at least grab a quick bite with friends in a fairly quiet indian restaurant anyway. It didn’t quite go to plan, as very much like the last time we took her to an indian restaurant, she refused to go to sleep! She was quite happy though, so I ate my food, fed her, and then put her back in her car seat again and took her home before she got so tired that she went into meltdown! On the way home I got a message from Clare that she was ready for picking up, which was perfect timing, so a quick detour through town to pick mommy up and we were soon home again. I was quite looking forward to a couple of drinks whilst watching the last hour of The Hobbit on Netflix whilst typing this up, but could not keep my eyes open, even for five minutes. I threw in the towel, accepted the inevitable, headed to bed and gave in to sleep!


1 thought on “Day 347/365”

  1. ah she’s a clever little girl!!! not long before she will be crawling around and both you and your wife will be running around after her 😉


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