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Day 341/365

“Friendship,” said Christopher Robin, “is a very comforting thing to have.”


The weekend only just seems to have ended and its here again, where are the days going?

It comes as no surprise that Olivia was awake nice and early, with lots of cooing and gurgling, but amazingly took herself back off to sleep after about half hour! SO we were all up just after 8:30 this morning, a nice healthy stat to the weekend. It was a little while before I was dressed, and today was only ever really about one thing, and that was tidying the house and garage, with the loft now 50% insulated and boarded, we could stat to get stuff up there and move it out of the garage. This was a it of a priority, as our washing machine died this week and as Clare had bought a new one, to be delivered at the start of next week, it meant there had to be room in the garage to get the old one out and taken away, and the new one in place. Of top of which, the stuff that was filling up he garage had only ever been placed there temporarily anyway, it needed moving one way or another!

After spending a few hours in the loft, getting things up and put away finally, while clare tidied up the rest of the house we had to get the house ready for this evenings dinner with friends. A delicious 3 course meal of onion soup, followed by jambalaya, and finally a new york cheesecake. It was good to have Scott and Julia over, especially as they are expecting their first baby in the next few days. Very exciting times, and so many babies being born at the moment. Its nice to know that Olivia will have some friends her own age to play with, although sadly not many of them girls.

After Scott and Julia left we put on a film as Clare was still not (unusually) feeling very tired and actually stood a chance of seeing it through to the end! The impossible, a story based on the true events of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. It would appear that somewhere during the film, I got something in my eye. Now it is time for bed, yet again falling asleep as I type this! Typing my blog appears to be the ultimate sleeping pill!


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