365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 340/365

“RIP Big Frank”


What a day!

I was a bit freaked out this morning on my ride into work, by the sheer lack of traffic, especially during rush hour! It was like 28 Days Later for a moment, I was wondering if everyone knew something that I didn’t… or even if it was saturday and I’d gone to work on the wrong day!

I soon got over it and made it to work!

The day went without too much drama, that was until the very end of the day when all the staff were gathered together to be informed that one of our colleagues had lost his long battle with cancer.

I was gutted, truly gutted. He was a good man, a gentle giant and I’d known him for years. I can’t lie, my eyes filled up and I cycled home slowly with a very heavy heart. That’s two good people I’ve lost to cancer in the last six months, and it hurts. Rest in peace Frank, losing you today has left a big hole in the lives of many people. Work will not be the same without you, you won’t be forgotten!

The only thing that can put a smile back on my face at this point is coming home and seeing my daughter smile up at me when she sees my face. Don’t get me wrong, its wonderful seeing my wife, I love my wife with all my heart, and she makes me feel better, naturally, but a smile from my daughter is just on another level. Priceless.

Of course the news was full of Nelson Mandela last night, and whilst very sad, he was not some one I’d obviously ever met. His achievements, although great, had never directly affected me personally. My good friend Frank however, was a part of most of my adult life, and someone I’d shared many smiles with and laughed with. He has become somewhat of a legend at work and his name will be fondly remembered for many years to come! Frank, I sit here with a drink in my hand and tonight I raise it to you, sir!

So todays photo is inspired by life starting and life ending. As the curtain closes on one life, my daughters life is just beginning. This tiny little thing that the wife and me brought into the world is growing and changing on a daily basis. I like to try and get a photo pretty much every day if I can, and happened to snap this one where she suddenly looks much older than just the three months old that she is… well, to me she does anyway! I simply don’t know where the last three months have gone, the weeks tick by like hours and months just dissolve.

After I got home, and changed out of my cycling clothes, the wife disappeared to asda for a bit and I began to get the house ready for this evenings guests… my good friend Dave and his wife Nicola. I’ve known Dave since school, when we were both 11 years old. Not all of you know how old I am, and I am sure that asking will just generate answers that I don’t want to hear, but put it this way, a quarter of a century has passed since I first met him! We served up a delicious 3 course dinner of home made tomato soup and chicken risotto, followed by a new york cheesecake. Tasty! I’m sure I should have taken a photo of it and put it on instagram or something!

Anyway, its late and I am going to try and head off to bed soon!

Night all!


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