365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 338/365

“The thought of going to sleep forever was delicious.”


Its nights like tonight that really test my resolve to carry on with this project, and question why I’m actually bothering. I am tired and grumpy and want nothing more than to go to sleep, unfortunately knowing full well that if I don’t get a photo for today then I have failed. On top of which, I am still without lunch for tomorrow, I just couldn’t be bothered to make it. Guess i’ll have to try and squeeze it into my already tight morning schedule. I run a tight ship in the morning once i’m up (things would be easier if I just got up earlier, but then that goes hand in hand with going to bed earlier the night before!), I get up, heat up my breakfast, and find a clean cycling jersey to wear, make sure I have clean clothes to change into in my bag and then put my cycling clothes on while my breakfast cools. Then I have just enough time to eat it and brush my teeth before heading out of the door. I am not one of these people that can just get up unnecessarily early and start watching tv, I’d rather have the extra hour in bed. I did used to be one of those people who’d get up early, cycle to work and then hit the gym before I started. I need to be in that place again. I need to be getting a good 45 minutes cardio in before I hit the shower and get changed into my work clothes. All the weight I lost last year is starting to creep back on, and I knew it would be difficult when the baby came along, but now is the time to stop making excuses! I intend to enjoy christmas again this year, I don’t want to be counting the calories during the time I associate with eating and drinking. So I now have my new years resolution all figured out, and I need to really work on it. last year I lost about a stone and a half, and need to do it again. Now is more important than ever, staying fit and healthy for when my daughter wants to go running over the park or walking over clent hills. Yes, I know I already do the cycling, but it burns nowhere near enough calories to match my love of food! So the plan of attack is a two part one, first getting up early and getting that extra cardio workout in the morning, and secondly a little help from my favourite iPhone app – myfitnesspal! Maybe I will keep this up next year, just to give me the extra encouragement!

Today was a pretty normal day, although being wednesday I was hoping to catch up with the Cooper brothers this evening and so dragged the wife and daughter over with me to visit, and see Scott & Julia’s new house now the building work was almost completed. A lot of work and money has gone into the house, but it looks amazing and the wait was totally worth it. Sadly with the last three new years even being house parties at theirs, we now have to find a different venue, especially as there are kids popping up everywhere, including their first in the newxt week or so!

Right, I’m off to bed!


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