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Day 334/365 The final month beckons

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”


This morning was the morning where, as previously mentioned, I was very grateful for the wife getting up with Olivia and leaving me to snooze for an extra hour this morning. A bit of a slow start to the day, but nice to spend some time with my two favourite girls. Clare took Olivia out for a walk with her mom, and I got a few bits ready to go to the tip. I was very much hoping to visit my nan today so that Olivia could see her great grandmother, but sadly there was no answer on the phone. Unfortunately, its not really possible to plan these visits anymore as my nan is struggling to remember things on a day to day basis, often not even sure if she’s spoke to you on the phone that day or not. So I just had to take a chance that she’d be in and that we’d be able to visit. Oh well, another time!

Tonight we have a charity evening to attend, organised by the wife of one of my oldest friends Dave. Their little boy was born with cystic fibrosis, which I didn’t know much about before he was born, and although he looks like one of the happiest and healthiest little boys you could ever wish to meet, its only through the care and diligence of his parents in looking after him. CF is still being heavily researched, and is making constant progress. If I had been born with it in the 70’s, I’d have been lucky to see my first birthday! Thankfully, nowadays, CF suffers are extremely likely to reach middle age and even withdraw their pension! Its only through fundraising that this research continues to go on, which is why I opted to raise money for it when I ran the silverstone half marathon earlier in the year, and one of our mutual friends Ed took on mount Kilimanjaro to raise thousands for the charity! The event tonight is at a local social club, so we’re going to take a walk down later and leave the car at home, meaning we can both have a drink, although we’ll have to wrap up as its already fallen to 4ºc even though the sun has only just gone down! It was a beautiful sky this evening as the sun set, and as I have almost completed this years 365 project without swamping it in sunset photos, I thought I’d include tonights colourful sky!


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