365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 329/365

“I love you like a fat kid loves cake!”


Back to work after a fantastic weekend, and quite enjoyed this mornings ride in. It was chilly, but I was wrapped up enough not to care, the bike was feeling great after its recent service and new back wheel. I just hope the winter of death that has been forecast, and the accompanying snow is still a while away from us, those razor thin wheels aren’t going to stand a chance!

Unfortunately with all the excitement of the christening yesterday we forgot to put in our online shopping order with Asda and so don’t have our usual monday shopping delivery. We decided to switch to having the shopping delivered from actually going into the store ourselves just so the wife didn’t have the fuss of getting Olivia ready and struggling to see around the trolley once the car seat was balanced on top of it, on top of timing it to fit in with her mild feeds! Its easy enough when there is two of us, but even I struggle a bit to see around the car seat when its on the trolley! A great offer on delivery means we pay once for three months and all deliveries are free during that period, and quite honestly, having all the groceries dropped to the door is fantastic, I could get used to this!

So tonight, while struggling for a photo, (its a difficult time of year as its too early for christmas decorations and too late to photograph outside after work) I decided to capture a slice of the christening cake that was left over. This cake was something else, as Clare made it entirely herself. We initially looked at it, picked it up and felt the weight, and wondered when the hell we were all this cake, even with 60 people coming! The cake was a huge hit though, every one complimented how great it looked and tasted, consequently I’m happy there were a few slices left.


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