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Day 328/365

“Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.”


The day of our daughters christening started with me crawling out of bed, feeling a little delicate after the previous nights drinks catching up with the dads from our antenatal group. It was a lovely evening though, but I really should have had a bigger dinner before I started drinking. After throwing myself through the shower I felt a little better, and tea and toast certainly helped with the recovery! I managed to rope a friend into helping us to move all the buffet food first thing this morning, to the venue we were going to use after the church, and having an extra pair of hands meant we were home again in no time! Having put the buffet together ourselves with very little experience in this area of catering, I was just keeping my fingers crossed we had bought enough food for everyone. Once the room was ready, we headed home to give Olivia a bath and get ready for the church, my new suit was looking good and fitted well, considering how little it had actually cost me, Clare looked lovely and Olivia’s dress was gorgeous! We got to the church and were a bit surprised to find that we had it to ourselves. Initially we thought it was going to be a double christening, but apparently the other family got the hump with sharing the church and backed out! Our side of the church filled out nicely as people poured in, and the service went really well. I was very grateful to my friend for taking some photos where I was unable to, obviously being up the front of the church and a key player in the service! One photo I did want to get was todays image, three generations of women, Olivia, Clare and our two mothers, I really wanted four generations, but my nan wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t make it. We moved onto Benjamins, the venue we’d booked for after the church and had a lovely afternoon catching up with lots of people we really need to be seeing more of. We can’t keep waiting for weddings, funerals, and christenings to be the only excuse for meeting up! Everyone was extremely impressed with the cake that Clare had made, and to be fair it looked fantastic and tasted delicious, and Olivia’s shoes also proved to be a bit of a talking point amongst the ladies! All in all it was a great day, which was only made better by getting to watch the Brazilian Grand Prix on the Sky+ when I got home. The cards and presents we received were amazing and people have been very kind and generous, we were pretty overwhelmed with them, especially with the money she was given. Its a good job we opened a childrens ISA for her!

Now I am very much looking forward to crawling back into my bed! Monday morning beckons!


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