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Day 327/365

“Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.”


Woke up this morning to a beautiful mist outside and knew straightaway that I needed to try and get it in a photo before it disappeared, partly because it looked lovely, and partly because I knew I’d be out for drinks tonight and so my photo would have to be an early one. There is no leaving in until the last minute today! I also had to head out early to get supplies from the supermarket for the christening buffet tomorrow, so I jumped out of bed, threw myself through the shower, grabbed my wallet and camera and headed for the car. I grabbed this shot at a beautiful, local spot known as Warley woods, even though Warley as a district technically no longer exists. The woods are connected to a park, and together make a gorgeous place to go out for a walk. Several of my shots for this year have been taken there, although its hard to spot which ones unless you’ve been there. After I got the shot, it was straight off to Asda and I grabbed the shopping in record time before it got busy there, I hate supermarkets at the weekend, especially having worked in one for a few years! Once the shopping was dropped off at home, I went to pick up my Mom who was going to help make all the sandwiches with us while Olivia was entertained by her Grandad! My bike has had to go back to the repair shop again for a new back wheel, but I should be able to pick that up in time before I have to go out later with the dads from our antenatal group, two of which I have to go and pick up in a bit so we can all share a taxi into Harborne from mine. I’m missing two things tonight, first is the Neds Atomic Dustbin concert I was looking forward to, a favourite indie band from the 90’s who originated just down the road from here, and secondly was a night out with my friends who have decided to head up north to Chesterfield for my friends birthday, which normally wouldn’t have been a problem, except for the fact that they are all staying over and I wouldn’t be able to get back in time for the christening, even if you didn’t take into consideration the preparation of the room we’ve booked, before we have to head to the church tomorrow.

But for right now… its qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix!


3 thoughts on “Day 327/365”

    1. Thanks for commenting, it’s lovely to hear people’s thoughts! It was a really misty morning, but the sun was also out, so I knew the mist would not last long. I only just caught the last of it!


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