365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 318/365

“We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.”


So Ofsted came, Ofsted saw and Ofsted went, now normality can be restored, and everyone can breath a sigh of relief, on top of which… its now Friday! The ever changing criteria around Ofsted meant that they were only with us for a two day “snapshot” rather than the five days they used to spend, which has its plus points and well as its down side. Now all the staff have to do is await the verdict. I’ll not lie, it has been tough, everyone has felt under pressure, but at least its over!

It was lovely, more so than usual today, to get home from work, and with just enough time to catch my breath and get changed before my sister and her boyfriend turned up for dinner, armed with gifts for me, a 12pk of Monster Energy drink, as the sisters boyfriend works for the company who make it, how very kind of them, very much appreciated! It was a pleasant evening, dinner was delicious thanks to the wife, we stuck on a film and had a nice relaxed night. It never fails to surprise me how many great films my sister still hasn’t seen, i’m beginning to wonder what she does with all her time!? Still, we have started to work our way through a few, and will continue until she has had the appropriate media education she needs! Just a shame it was a school night and we had to call it a day before it got too late. Our wonderful daughter seems to have fallen into a great sleeping and feeding pattern already, and yes I know I can’t take it for granted, and trust me, I don’t and yes I’m also aware it could change at any moment. I fully expect it to, that way, I can’t be disappointed when it does! We’ve had a decent run so far, and all we can do is keep our fingers crossed than things do actually continue. I was looking back on some of the early photos from her first couple of weeks, and it still amazes me that we brought this beautiful little thing into the world, and how fast she is growing. her christening is just over a week away, and I still need to find myself something decent to wear this weekend. At least the food is mostly sorted, we’ll just need a hand on the actual weekend to butter a whole lot of bread and make a whole lot of sandwiches!

Right, another late night for me! Getting up in the morning is going to be pretty difficult, and the thought of cycling to work while its 2ºc outside doesn’t fill my heart with joy at all!

Night all!


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