365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 316/365

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”


So finally the day we dreaded is here, finally Ofsted are due to arrive at our school tomorrow. Hopefully all the preparation we’ve done will give us a fighting chance of a good result. I’ll just be glad when the next two days are over, it will certainly feel like a wight has been lifted!

It was lovely to see the wife and daughter when I got home, although Tuesdays now don’t give me much time at home before I have to go back out for my weekly Jujitsu class. I have my grading for my next belt in a few weeks time and I am starting to feel the pressure now, its just frustrating that i’m forced to miss a fwe classes during December which is the month I could do with missing none! When I got home tonight, I noticed that a parcel had arrived that I’d previously not noticed, the new super bright front light for my bike, which now means people have NO excuse for not see me coming! Also when I got home I was also greeted by my wife with some delicious homemade white chocolate and macademia cookies, a favourite restaurant that has been used multiple times, and hopefully will be used many more!

And so to bed… needed an early night tonight and got the complete opposite, going to feel like death in the morning! Harrumph! Going to need to review these night feeds!


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