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Day 309/365

“To an old father, nothing is more sweet than a daughter. Boys are more spirited, but their ways are not so tender.”


A wet bike ride into work this morning was unavoidable this morning as the wife needed the car to take our daughter for her 2 month injections, and I was late up this morning, too late for a lift anyway, but thankfully still in time to jump on the bike and cut through all the traffic. The mornings are starting to get darker and the nights definitely are, so my next investment is going to have to be a new front light for my bike to match the super bright one I got for the back. I think the back one is more important anyway, as more people will see it and hopefully see me, but equally some of the clueless idiots on the road need to se me coming! Still, I made it home safely to be with the family, although not for long as I was soon out again, off to the dojo for another hour of Jujitsu. Its not far from grading time for my next belt, so I need to make sure I don’t have any weeks off, although there are at least two weeks in December I can’t do. Not ideal.

Tonight I knew I was going to struggle for a photo, especially with the dark nights, and the lack of opportunity to shoot in daylight before I get home. I knew I was going to have to set something up, and what better than the very beautiful and willing model I have at my disposal. I have taken many photos of my daughter since she was born, some are snaps, some are rather nice shots, and some I have put a bit more effort into than others. One of them I even printed as a canvas and put on the wall. But as a photographer who has photographed many, many people over the last five years, I have wanted to get a really nice photo of my daughter, one that people would probably actually expect to see when they came to visit. A few props and a couple of flash guns set up, which took all of a couple of minutes, and I’m fairly happy with the results. I think I need to make a regular thing of this as she grows up!

I know I’m biased, but it never ceases to amaze me what I gorgeous daughter I have!


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