Day 308/365

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”


Today was one of those days, one of those uninspiring days, where a good idea for a photo just fails to appear. Trying to find 365 photos, I was always going to have days like this, yet still they disappoint me.

After a week off work, it was back on the bike and back to the grind today. I have to say, it was a beautiful, if not slightly chilly morning for cycling and the day itself was surprisingly pleasant considering. On the way home I was extremely glad to be cycling when I realised that the traffic lights on a major junction were out, and the traffic that had built up and was going nowhere was carnage! People must have been sat there blasting their horns for ages. I have to admit, I felt a little bit smug about sailing straight through the traffic and across the lights in seconds!

Time for bed, I am shattered, still not the early night I have been craving!


About andrewvokes

Husband to my beautiful wife Clare, and father to two gorgeous girls. Cyclist, runner and photographer, living in Birmingham, UK.

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