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Day 307/365

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”


I’m tired! I stayed up late last night, very late! I had a few drinks and watched some tv, but one of the reasons I stayed up was that my beautiful daughter was asleep and needed her last bottle of milk of the day. I’d sent the wife to bed and promised I’d feed Olivia. When she finally started to stir I gave her the bottle and put her to sleep in her moses basket and took it upstairs to put in our bedroom. She was fed, asleep, and it wasn’t too long before I joined them both! When I heard the wife get out of bed this morning, she asked if I’d got up and given Olivia her night feed, which is usually about 4am, so when I said no we both realised that she’d slept through the night for the first time! We were so excited! Okay okay, I know it may be a one off, and it could be a while before this happens again, but still, it IS encouraging, and does fill us with a little hope!

We invited both of the parents over for lunch today, as the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was on, but the wife’s parents couldn’t make it, so mine came over instead after Clare had gone to pick them up! It was a lovely afternoon, and my sister came over late afternoon to pick them up and take them home again. I had to dash out before they left as I was meeting a friend from work to discuss his wedding plans for next year so that I could photograph it. I always meet couples to talk about their plans, as it gives me a clearer idea of what the day will look like and it also gives them a chance to get to know me a bit, which usually results in them being more relaxed in front of the lens on the big day! It sure sounds like it is going to be an interesting, fun and slightly different day! I can’t wait!

For me, its now bed time. Not as early as I’d have liked, but I had a few chores to do, which included bathtime for Olivia and getting tomorrows lunch ready, and not forgetting todays picture! It came out okay, although not quite as I had envisioned, but that was down to the time I had to prepare it, rather than the ability to recreate my idea. A nice Rioja, it tasted very good!


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