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Day 303/365

“Ah, babies! They’re more than just adorable little creatures on whom you can blame your farts.”


I made the decision today, to stay in, based on advance weather forecasts saying how miserable the weather would be today and boy was it wrong! Blue sky and sun for most of the day, oh I did feel stupid! Our fist job today was to head down to the flat to meet a potential buyer for the sofa bed, the only thing we didn’t move into the new house as we didn’t Have room for it. I was beginning to curse that he was nearly an hour late, but finally he turned up and handed over the cash! Then it was back home and into the loft for me, as the wife and daughter headed out to pay for the room hire for the christening buffet, and run a few errands. My focus was to move a bit further on with the loft insulation and loft boards, and thankfully I made some reasonable progress on it!

I did happen to spot the news this evening on tv, where they ran a feature on cyclists and lorry drivers seeing it from the others point of view. It was mostly video clips of cyclists sat in lorry cabs being shown what a driver can see, and essentially suggested that cyclists are the ones who cause the accident and need to be more mindful of how much of an inconvenience they are. I am only hoping that actual demonstration was a little more balance and gave truck drivers the opportunity to see how vulnerable other road users can be! Very frustrating!

Back to Wednesday night and the regular coffee night has changed again slightly, but we still meet up and sometimes eat together. This meant it was our turn today to cook, which the wife thankfully did for us. A very nice evening.


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