Day 297/365

“One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten is my daughter.”


Every day I come home and fall in love with my daughter all over again. She is like a different person every day, I keep seeing her change and grow and know that she is not going to stay small forever.

Had one of those days at work where I was just glad to get home and start again fresh tomorrow. Sadly tomorrow is a day I am not especially looking forward to as I am delivering a training session, and I think my presentation is due for a bit of an overhaul. It has served me well, but I want to make sure I am delivering the absolute best I can, and while I think it is good, I just don’t think its as good as it can be. I guess it has just been a bit harder since I have been doing it on my own, as there used to be two of us presenting it. Anyway, it looks like preparations could lend themselves towards me having a bit of a late night, which I could do without as I want to get in quite early tomorrow to set up!

I probably shouldn’t be spending all night on here, so night all!


About andrewvokes

Husband to my beautiful wife Clare, and father to two gorgeous girls. Cyclist, runner and photographer, living in Birmingham, UK.

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  1. They do grow up fast, and I’ve always found I do some of my best work late at night, under the gun, and so fourth. Good luck!


  2. I can see why ..she is so adorable…blessings


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