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Day 295/365

“Sleep is the best meditation.”


Woke up this morning to the sound of rain beating on the window, and with the wife needing the car today, I had two options, either cycle with my ruined post-run legs and get thoroughly drenched, or the wife pops baby in the back of the car and gives me a lift to work. I opted for the latter.

A reasonable day at work, and I was picked up again by the wife, only to have to endure the worst traffic I’ve known in years. What can be a 15 minute journey at the weekend, turned into a 1hr 10min journey! That is enough to encourage me back on the bike tomorrow. The legs aren’t too bad, I just have to rest the knee a bit, and cycling shouldn’t aggravate it too much! I did decide to pass on my Tuesday night jujitsu session though for this week, an unfortunate kick directly onto my bad knee from an opponent last week nearly took me out of the half marathon, and I figured that after the pounding it took on Sunday, I just needed to look after it for a few days.

My beautiful daughter is looking more and more gorgeous each day, and is spending more and more time awake, apart from today. I am assuming she is going through some kind of growth spurt and she is always hungry and sleeping a lot… well, more than normal anyway. Now we’re just hoping she sleeps tonight when we need to. We’ve been quite lucky on that respect so far, so fingers crossed! I decided that with few opportunities for a photo, it was time for another one of her, as I like to throw them in now and again. Not the 365 challenge I had in mind for myself, but still a huge part of my day, so definitely worthy of recording for posterity.

With my 365 project now approaching day 300, I am almost at the last big landmark, and I am starting to reflect on the photos I am taking, what I am going to do with them, where the time has gone, and whether to continue next year with a new project.


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