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Day 293/365

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.”


Race day!

The Bupa Great Birmingham Run is finally upon us.

I’m well aware of having done nowhere near enough training, but i’m still excited and looking forward to it anyway. The race is staggered and starts in four coloured waves, orange and the elite runners at the front, and the pink, slowest runners at the back. I was in white, behind the orange group, hoping for a decent time. It was optimistic, but I was ready to give it a go.

With my alarm set for 7am and my wave not setting off until 10:29am I had plenty of time to wake up, get breakfast, sort my stuff and and make my way into town, with the wife dropping me as close as possible with a lot of the roads closed off. I met my friend, dropped my bag off and headed for the start. I was feeling good.

Sadly the lack of training, which was due to a couple of injuries during the summer, became evident by about mile 8 where I really started to struggle. The hills were taking their toll, my legs started to feel like lead, and my stomach was starting to do somersaults. A toilet stop didn’t do anything for my time, but did give my legs a small break. In each of the previous 3 half marathons I’ve done, I always found a last burst of energy at mile 12 for a sprint to the finish… not today though, it was all I could do to keep going and not stop! As the finish line approached, I had to switch off from listening to my body and rely on pure willpower to push myself across that finish line.

I was very grateful for a lift home from my friend and his wife, although she had to go on a massive detour as a lot of the roads were still closed and the traffic was horrendous!

Still, I was home and seeing my wife and daughter at the door was an even better sight than seeing that finish line approaching, I had just enough time to recover slightly and then change before going round to the in laws for lunch. When we finally got home again, we gave Olivia a bath, which she seems to love. Fed and changed her, and now she’s asleep, which is how i’m hoping she’ll stay so that the wife can get an early night and I can get myself a nice hot bath and soak my legs for a bit!


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