365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 283/365

“A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.”


She’ll probably never read this, but I dont care… I’d just like to say, to the lady driving behind me this morning, that at no point ever has the bus and cycle lane that I was in, ever been a bus, cycle and BMW lane! Regardless of how much you desperately wanted to queue jump and undercut all the other cars at the traffic lights, no amount of blasting your horn at me is going to get me to move over on my bike. Deal with it! In fact, you may have noticed I slowed down! As for the special case in the passenger seat who wanted to pull faces and mock me, erm… you may have noticed I was in front and slowing YOU down, not letting YOU past and making YOU angry… therefore I win! Better luck tomorrow! Nobody likes car driver like you anyway, not even other car drivers!

The rest of the day pretty much went without a hitch, and was in fact fairly productive, and then I got to put my ccyling gear back on and head home to see the wife and daughter! Olivia is growing up so fast now and even managed her first proper smile at me as I got in today. I thought my little heart was going to explode, she is so sweet! It is so nice to come home to, and I couldn’t imagine her not being here now! This Sunday we get to meet up with the other couples we met on our antenatal classes in July and their new additions, we’ve reserved some tables at a nearby pub for Sunday lunch so we can all catch up. They were all really lovely couples, and I cant wait to see them again! Just hope all eight babies don’t start crying at the same time!!


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