365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 282/365

“Golden slumbers kiss your eyes, Smiles awake you when you rise.”


A pleasant bike ride to work this morning was balanced out by a wet, windy ride home with idiot car drivers acting like cyclists are some kind of disease on the road… my language was not pleasant! Then I pull up on the drive, take a minute to calm myself and remember the wife and baby the other side of the door, and how lucky I am, and suddenly all my frustrations disappear! Baby Olivia has been spending quite a lot of time awake lately and generally still seems to be sleeping fairly well at night, well, at the moment at least, and its lovely to see her awake when I get home. The wife text me today, to tell me how much she thinks our daughter is starting to look like me, which is a really nice feeling, I can’t lie, but I still think she’d be much better off with her mothers looks! She was weighed by the midwife again today and has put on a load more weight again in the last few days since she was last weighed, she is turning into a right little chunk! As it is Wednesday today, it was time to catch up with friends, who were this time coming to our house for food, so a quick trip to Asda and its Beef Chow Main with prawn crackers for five! Kudos to the wife for her excellent cooking skills! So between shopping, eating, and feeding our little chunk it is amazing how quick the night disappears and I am becoming very aware of two jobs which are becoming more and more urgent, a wedding I have to finish editing and the new loft insulation that needs to go down as the temperature is set to plummet over the next week! I think we’ll be having the electric blanket back on the bed before the weekend is over!

Oh, and apologies to Louise who apparently likes to read this before she goes to bed… well, when I can be disciplined enough to get it ready early enough! I’d just like to say that, in my defence, I haven’t been sat on my backside, twiddling my thumbs and watching trash tv! Apologies for not being prompt enough! Will try harder!

Over half way through the week now, and just two days left to the weekend! I’m genuinely really looking forward to this weekends meet up with the other parents from our antenatal class, who are a great bunch, we’ve seen some of them already ahead of this pre-arranged reunion, and the wives caught up last week, but for the dads it will be a bit odd, the last time we were together none of us were parents. Now our little princess is five weeks old, and it feels like she has always been here!


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