365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 277/365

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.”


Looking out of the window in the morning at the wet and rather windy weather, and feeling less than energetic after a week of late night baby feeds, I took the easy option and opted for the car over the bike to get to work, only this time leaving early enough to ensure traffic didn’t cause a problem! I just seem to start some days already running on empty, and didn’t want to wipe myself out for the weekend when I was hoping to have a decent run in training for the Birmingham Half Marathon!

When I got home my beautiful daughter was still awake, and it is always wonderful to see her and my gorgeous wife. I fed her and started to put together the new surround sound system that had arrived for the tv. The old one was one of my best eBay bargains, which had cost a mere £19.99, and has been fantastic, but sadly technology can’t last forever, and we were starting to have problems turning it on. As we use the surround sound on such a regular basis, I figured it was worth spending the money and upgrading!

I had barely got the surround sound together and turned on when it was time to turn it off and get ready for our evening out, the wedding reception of my old school friend Jon and his lovely new wife Claire. Sadly Jon had contacted me earlier in the year about photographing his wedding, but due to the commitments of my daytime job, I just couldn’t do it. I was gutted I couldn’t help a friend and even more gutted when we got there and saw how beautiful the venue Wroxall Abbey Estate was. It was great to see some other old friends from school there, and have a catch up and show off our daughter who behaved so well. We arrived with enough time to see the first dance which was performed to a live cover band who sounded amazing, although I didn’t get the name of them. Olivia seemed a little shell shocked by how loud the music actually was, so we didn’t last long in there as I was worried about her tiny little ears. Outside it was still warm enough to stand around and chat to people, and even with the noise of the band pouring out, Olivia still managed to get to sleep, which impressed everyone! We trained her well!

We got home in time for me to pop to the pub for a couple of pints with my friend, who is now just around the corner since we moved house! A great start to the weekend!


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