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Day 276/365

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”


One more day to the weekend, and i’m looking forward to spending some more time with my daughter and hopefully getting out in the car with her and the wife, although we have visitors on saturday afternoon, so it may well be sunday. This Sunday morning is going to mean another early rise, the Korean Grand Prix, which could see me bottle feeding whilst trying to keep up with who is where on the track!

Today was forecast heavy rain, although I managed to avoid the rain on my bike and got to and from work perfectly dry, which is always a nice result, even if it is just for the one day! Just hoping tomorrow is just as kind to me. Tonights late night shaving photo was actually taken during a shave, the wife winces when I kiss her and my poor daughter must think a hedgehog was getting rather affectionate. I have taken the hint and got rid of the stubble!


2 thoughts on “Day 276/365”

    1. True, although when I originally started this project I was going to keep names out of it, as it was a public blog. I admittedly haven’t done the best job of that. I just found that “The Wife” stuck.


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