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Day 271/365

“I don’t watch a lot of television.”


With only three week left to go to the Great Birmingham RUn, I decided to get some training in this morning and managed to convince the wife to get ready quickly and come with me so that she could have a walk round the reservoir, while I ran 5 laps around, clocking up 8 miles! My usual running partner was unavailable, but I still managed to get a decent run done all the same, although my goal was 9 miles! Better luck next weekend!

All this training will help me to get to the end in a better time than than I did last year, but I am raising money for Cancer Research while I am doing it, so if anyone feels like sponsoring me, you can donate online at http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/andrewvokes The ball is already rolling, so don’t let me down! Its for personal reasons as I have lost two family members to cancer and it looks like a work colleague that I have known over 16 years is heading the same way. If you have bothered to read this then give me another 60 seconds of your time and go find your purse/wallet!

This afternoon we were sad to find out that the wife’s friend terri and Chris couldn’t make it up, but we were still lucky enough to have Mille and my little god son over for the afternoon, which was a lot of fun. They brought the most wonderful present, the complete collection of winnie the pooh stories and poems, which will be well looked after! Then we headed out to a quiz night with the in-laws, and managed to come in second place, which was great!

Now i’m feeling pretty broken and off to bed!


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