365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 268/365

“The more you explain it, the more I don’t understand it.”


Wednesday used to be a night when me and some friends would head up down and take advantage of cheap drinks. As the years have gone by we no longer do this, getting up for work on a Thursday got progressively harder! Now we just catch up at each others house on a wednesday, maybe eating together, or watching a film together, or grabbing a coffee together (although I won’t touch the filthy stuff – its tea for me!) but we always caught up, that was the point. Its nice, not many friends can say they do this. Some people don’t see their friends for weeks or months at a time! Anyway, the point being that tonight the decision was almost taken out of my hands to not go, the newest member in our house decided to have an unannounced, unexplainable screaming fit! Screaming babies are annoying when they are someone else’s, but a massive cause for concern when they are your own, especially when they are generally placid by nature! We resisted the urge to use a dummy or panic and call a doctor, and it seems a sleep and some milk finally fixed the problem. I just hope we don’t have too many more evenings like that. Crying for an obvious reason is fine, crying where I can’t work out what is wrong and whether I should be concerned is another issue! As it happened, when Olivia was finally settled I did manage to catch up with my friends, even if just for an hour!

I’d like to thank everyone, by the way, for all the support after yesterdays cycling incident! Yes it was a little scary, but I was very lucky and don’t seem to have any major cause for concern regarding injuries. The bike is still working fine and I was back out on it today! Not what I was expecting in that split second when the bike stopped and I didn’t!


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