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Day 266/365

“The best part of going to work is coming back home at the end of the day.”


Monday rolls around again, but this monday is actually a work day for me again, for a change. After six weeks off and then two weeks of paternity leave, I have to readjust to this thing called work. Leaving my wife and especially my daughter behind is hard, but knowing that I will be coming home to them at the end of the day is a lovely feeling. My day at work wasn’t a bad one, and it was ideal cool and cloudy weather for cycling to and from work, which I am really glad to be doing! I sadly feel like I have had quite a lazy summer, as I haven’t been on my bike at all, I only tend to use that for going to and from work, and I haven’t been running because of the tendon injury early on during the holidays as both experience and research, tell me to resist running and rest it, the more I rest it the sooner i’ll be back on it. The Half Marathon is now less than 4 weeks away, and with a few days rest needed in advance of the run, I have to get training nailed in the next couple of weeks!

Unfortunately I got home tonight to a screaming baby, who we both struggled to settle, although she did eventually go to sleep on my shoulder. Then we popped her in the car seat and went food shopping in asda, she normally sleeps all the way through this, although not today, but she was at least quiet and happy in the car seat holder in the trolley. When we got home it was bath time for her, followed by a bottle then bed. I managed to grab this self portrait while she was asleep on my chest and was quite pleased with it!


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