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Day 265/365 – 100 days to go

“Rare is the union of beauty and purity.”


This mornings run was cancelled as my running partner text me with an injury, so I gratefully put my head back down for another hours sleep, as I’d been up for the 4am feed and struggled to get back to sleep anyway, leaving me pretty exhausted. We had some guests coming round today, plus it was the Singapore Grand Prix, so the obvious choice was to record the Grand Prix and watch it this evening instead. This gave me the chance to clean the house and get out for a midday run instead, although I only managed 6 miles instead of the intended 10 miles in preparation for the upcoming half marathon. I think I had the stamina for 10 miles, but a dodgy stomach after last nights super-hot-chilli-of-death with the Holtermanns meant I couldn’t push any more. Disappointing! My oldest friend in the world Vanessa came over with her partner and kids, and it was lovely to see her as the months just pass too quickly and i can’t believe I haven’t seen her since our wedding last year. I have known her since I was 3 years old and it was great to see her and for her to meet Olivia. My sister came over in the evening with more gifts for the baby, although I had warned her that I was committed to watching the Grand Prix before it got too late! She gets so excited about seeing her niece, who unfortunately slept throughout the whole evening! Now, with the race out of the way and baby fed and ready for bed, its time to prepare for Monday morning!


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