365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 264/365

“Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go.”


What a great weekend it has been so far, a lovely day. Last nights antics had well and truly kicked in this morning, as I was feeling a little worse for wear, but I had a wonderful distraction in a birthday bbq with some great friends this afternoon. The grey start to the day soon gave way to blue sky and sunshine and fairly pleasant temperatures. It was nice to be out in a t-shirt with the sun on my skin, and to show our daughter off to our friends, even though she slept through most of it! The garden was a good size, with plenty of room for everyone, and for the kids to run about it, there were even apple trees growing! There were plenty of kids and babies about, and it felt like we had now become a part of some group! We couldn’t stay all night, as we had dinner with friends to get to. So after stopping at home to pick up another milk bottle and then swinging by babies r us to buy a present for our dinner hosts and their new baby, we headed over. They are a truly lovely couple and I have known Andrew since we went to school together over 20 years ago! Consequently the evening flew by, and suddenly it was time to go home. We didn’t want to over stay our welcome and I was struggling to stay awake by the end of it anyway! We took home the gift that the had bought for us and a Naga chilli that Andrew had grown and given me, which looks like a little orange nugget of death. Looking forward to cooking with it soon! Need to get myself off to bed to prep for tomorrow mornings run with Rob! Not long left now to get my training in for the Birmingham Half Marathon.


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