365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 260/365

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.”


Woke up to the gurgling sounds of a hungry baby, before she started crying for her milk and woke her mother I managed to warm her bottle and get her fed and at the same time noticing the gorgeous sunrise out of the window. Sadly the beautiful light of a sunrise doesn’t last more than a few minutes, meaning you have to be really quick with a camera or you’re going to miss it! Once we were up, we had friends over for lunch, fresh back from their honeymoon in Mexico, and was pleased to be able to show them their wedding photos at the same time. Almost as soon as they left the health visitor turned up to check over mother and baby, to make sure we weren’t beating the baby and leaving needles and tablets about the house and stuff, I guess. But seriously, she was a very nice lady, and I think we created a great impression, it left us feeling a little bit proud that we felt we were actually doing a half decent job of looking after a baby. As any parent knows, those first few days at home can involve a significant amount of shrugging of shoulders at questions like “What do we do now” and “Why is she still crying” and “how do we do this/that/the other”. To watch the health visitor walk away and think to ourselves “I’m fairly sure we did okay, and she knows this baby is going to be looked after properly” is quite encouraging for us. Then it was back to the dojo in the evening, for another hour of jujitsu. A quiet turn out, but great session!


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