365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 258/365

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.”


In contrast to yesterdays lie in I was up early this morning, woken by my daughter stirring, clearly expecting her milk very soon. I got her bottle ready, fed her and handed her over to her mother, who was now also awake so that I could get ready to meet a friend for a run. We are both signed up to the Birmingham Half Marathon and need to get some training done. I have done very little in the last four weeks as I have been trying to rest a strained tendon. Tendons do not recover as quickly as muscles and only several weeks of rest will make any difference at all. Sadly, if I am going to achieve a half decent time on this half marathon, I have no choice, the training has to begin now. Ideally I’d have started at least a month ago and built up the distance, but this injury has put me well behind! Still, I met Rob and we decided to push past our normal 6 mile run, and instead went for 8 miles. The pace was slow, but 8 miles was a good distance, well over half the distance we need to aim for! The weather was grey, cloudy and cool absolutely perfect for running in, it was a good way to start a Sunday! Soon after I got home, our first visitors turned up, work colleagues of the wife, followed by some very good friends of our who we have asked to be Godparents to our little girl! It was a very pleasant afternoon, and it has been lovely having so many people round in the last week! The cards, presents and best wishes we have received have been staggering, our friends are so kind and generous. If you have sent me any kind of message and I haven’t yet replied, please accept my apologies, its nothing personal! After our visitors left it was time for food, and thankfully we’d had the foresight to prepare and freeze a few meals ahead of the baby arriving. Once they defrosted, it was half hour in the oven and shepherds pie was done! Now treating myself to a few beers in front of the tv, as im back on the diet tomorrow. I lost over a stone last year and can do it again!


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