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Day 257/365

“Let sleeping babies lie”


I was very grateful to the wife this morning for allowing me a little lie in, to catch up on a bit of sleep from previous evenings where I had sent her off to bed and stayed up with the baby. The mother in law had turned up when I finally came down and was here with Olivia’s cousin, who was very excited to see her! We had a few visitors arranged for today, one couple unfortunately had to cancel, but we still had a lovely afternoon with some friends from the antenatal group who brought their little girl round, a beautiful little thing who could easily have been mistaken for Olivia’s twin sister! It would be nice to think that these two, with just a few weeks between them, will be playing together as they grow up! After the visits were over we decided to head out and do a little shopping in mothercare, and “surprisingly” came out with far more than we went in for! Who’d have guessed! Decided to end the day with a treat from the chip shop and a movie, thought the wife may enjoy War Of The Worlds, although it only got a “Meh!”, clearly our taste in films is still light years apart! Oh well, we can’t agree on everything!


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