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Day 255/365

“Happiness is a direction, not a place.”


Waking up to see that beautiful face of my little baby is one of the best feelings in the world and now i’m finally starting to get my head around being a parent, although still finding it a little bit strange. Very used to holding children and babies, but obviously equally used to giving them back at the end of the day! Today we decided to take the little one to see our respective work colleagues, stopping first in the city centre to see the wife’s work friends who cooed over the baby for a while, making me feel like quite the proud father. Then we headed over to my work and caught up with a handful of people who were so pleased for us, it was a great feeling to see all the responses. I felt myself beaming all morning, although we had to cut the visit short to get home and meet our friend Tracy who was coming round with her little boy to meet Olivia. We only just made it and pulled up outside the house at the same time as them. I met Tracy working in a bar together over 12 years ago, one of the few friends I stayed in touch with years later, having worked with so many people in a number of bars over the years. She married her husband almost a year to the day before I married the wife and had her little boy just over a year before we had our little girl, it has been funny to follow each of their adventures a year on! I managed to grab a couple of shots of her little boy today who, just a few months ago when we first got the keys for the house and Tracy came to visit, would cry if I picked him up, and today is bordering on walking and the picture of happiness! Progress is so nice to see, although it just highlights how fast our little girl is going to grow up and how important it is to take photos and capture the changes!


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