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Day 253/365

“The stuff that dreams are made of.”


The day started with a visit from our friend Shelly and her little girl, who had come to deliver a card and a beautifully made gift, as seen in the photo. She had told me about coming round today, but i’d totally forgotten and was somewhat unprepared, although it was still quite a pleasant surprise. We couldn’t go far after that for the rest of the day, as the midwife was visiting to check over the baby and the wife, and was suitably impressed with their progress! This only left one final plan for the day, to get the wife out of the house and walking. The food shopping on Monday was a good test for how she would cope back on her feet, and with everything being fine, we took a walk round to her parents house, and then walked home again after a cup of tea and cake! Then I had to leave my two ladies for a while, so I could head off to new first jujitsu lesson after the summer break. It was great to get back in the dojo, but I was glad to be home!


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