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Day 252/365

“She got her looks from her father. He’s a plastic surgeon.”


Enjoying paternity leave, time with my wife and time with my baby. It has been a mostly quiet day, the in laws came round to help (and probably spend some time with their cute grandchild!), and as we are both feeling tired, which is to be expected, all three of us had a little nap this afternoon. Then, after dinner, we wrapped up baby Olivia in her new coat and took her out on her first shopping trip to Asda. It was a humble food shopping trip, but so lovely to be taking the pushchair out and do it as a family. I did have a list of things I wanted to get done today, but i’m quickly becoming used to the fact that things get done when the little lady allows me to!

365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 251/365

“Here’s looking at you, kid.”


Sunday was a day of visitors, which was lovely. People tend to stay away from new parents, for fear of not wanting to intrude or be in the way, but so far we’ve had a very easy few days. Our little princess has done a whole lot of sleeping, and is getting quite used to being picked up and passed around. Our first visitors of the day was my sister and her boyfriend, who were clearly over the moon. We had a surprise visit from my friend and his little boy, with a gift and a card, then the mother in law brought her cousin round and we finished off the day with my other sister visiting. It was lovely having people come to see us, and hope to have many more over the coming weeks! I finished the day off with a quick drink with a friend at the local, with the wife’s permission of course, a little chance to celebrate my new daughter!