365 project, Personal, Photography, Weddings

Day 250/365

“Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.”


It was a really pleasant surprise when an old childhood friend caught up with me and asked me to photograph her wedding, I met up with the couple and discussed the days details and knew that this would be a lovely, relaxed day. I also knew that it would be after our baby’s due date, but figured that our new baby should be at least 2-4 weeks old, we simply had no idea she would be just 2 days old when the wedding rolled around. Still, I couldn’t let them down, and I was lucky enough to have the parents visiting the wife and baby while I was out today, to offer any help, and of course cuddle the baby, so I knew the wife wouldn’t be on her own! The wedding was lovely, and I wish all vicars were that easy going! The weather had threatened showers at some point, although the only shower came when everyone was sat down inside eating, which really didn’t make any difference to us. It was a great day until I got home and realised I had got a suitcase from the bride full of her and her grooms clothes, so getting home at a decent time was of no benefit when I had to drive all the way home

Baby slept fairly well all last night, although has slept all day today, so who knows what sort of night we’re going to have tonight! Just wanted to thank everyone who reads this for their messages of support, we have been totally overwhelmed and have not been able to reply to everyone individually. Thanks to you all though!


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