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Day 248/365

“It’s a girl!!”


I’m a father, regardless of how we got there, I’m now a daddy! The labour went well and the wife laboured like an absolute trooper, getting by for the most part just by managing her breathing, and finally gave in to gas and air for the last two hours! When the pushing came, she gave it all she had… for two solid hours… but this baby just wasn’t coming out! One exhausted Mommy and one stressed baby, as baby wasn’t lying straight and unlikely to come out by itself, meant there was only one thing for it after intervention failed, and that was down to theatre for baby to come out “by the sunroof” as the wife put it! It wasn’t part of our plan, but the wife was fine with it. At 7:34am little Olivia was born weighing in at a perfectly healthy 7lb 7oz. It has been an emotional 24 hours and my body is ready to collapse as spending the entire night with a labouring wife, meant neither of us have slept in two days! Hospital visiting hours meant I was forced to leave them both there tonight, which was hard, but I’m going to take my mind off it as best I can with a curry and a beer to celebrate! Mommy and baby are both doing fine, and Daddy is possibly the proudest man in the world, and now has two women in his life to love!


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