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Day 247/365

“Push through the pain, and conquer the obstacles. Regardless of what you think today, it wont matter 5 years from now.”


The day started with a text from the wife informing me that waters had broken in the night and that contractions were still regular. I didn’t know quite what that meant to me as I was supposed to be in work that morning. In a state of confusion I headed for work and spoke to the boss who turned me around and sent me on my way! At the hospital the wife was very pleasantly surprised to see me, and very grateful, even though progress was very slow. With no real obvious signs of progress by the end of the day apart from more painful contractions, I almost felt like I had wasted a day of paternity leave, but I know how grateful the wife was for having me there. I took a stroll up to the local supermarket early evening for a snack and got todays shot, trying to focus on something positive, and the glow of the sun cheered me up. Sadly with a full delivery suite, and the wife still on a maternity ward, I was forced to head home when visiting finished. The realisation hit me hard, but it wasn’t long before the phone rang and I turned round to head back in. A delivery suite was available and we were on the move. Tomorrow is going to be a new chapter, word!

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