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Day 246/365

“When you’re getting ready to launch into space, you’re sitting on a big explosion waiting to happen.”


Sat in the hospital with the wife for things to happen, and not much is! Being induced has clearly had some effect, but just not enough! It could be a very long night! The chances are that I’ll get sent home, and will probably have to drag myself reluctantly into work in the morning and have my phone almost permanently in hand! The wife is currently resting after a bad nights sleep, at least the four bed ward she’s on is quiet! Although there is an odd couple in the opposite corner who don’t look at anyone or talk to anyone and keep their curtain permanently closed! I’m sure a bit of privacy is nice on a ward like this when you’re not used to it, but to the point that’s its clearly antisocial is just a bit weird. Still, each to their own!

Today’s photo is one of the rare shots taken on my iPhone using the rather cool pictapgo app from the Totally Rad guys who make a set of awesome photoshop actions that I’ve used on every one of my 365 pics!


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