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Day 245/365

“Once men are caught up in an event, they cease to be afraid. Only the unknown frightens men.”


Back to work today and also the day the wife was booked in at the hospital to be induced. I couldn’t take time off, so the mother in law took the wife to hospital, I got there as soon as I could after I finished. The wife has now been induced, so we have yet another waiting game on our hands, and my phone cannot leave my side! I managed to spend a few hours at the hospital and no-one seemed bothered about the fact that me and a few other fathers to be were still there after visiting had finished. It was hard to leave her there, but I knew I had to go at some point! It all seems a bit surreal that i’m in this position finally, five years ago I never thought I’d end up getting married or having children, always thought the opportunity would pass me by, yet here I am. Now i’m sat alone at home and the wife is on her own in the hospital. Not sure i’m going to get much rest even with the bed all to myself.


5 thoughts on “Day 245/365”

    1. Thanks Michelle! We have some progress, although not much! I just don’t want to be at work when it all kicks off with the wife! They’ll let me go, for sure, but it’ll all be very last minute!


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