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Day 241/365

“I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.”


Today I had to attend a hospital appointment with the wife, for what is politely known as “the sweep”, intended to try and give nature, quite literally, a helping hand and encourage junior to get a wriggle on… 12 hours later and we’re still waiting for something to happen as a result. Oh well, lets see what tomorrow brings! The hospital was pretty chaotic as they were so short staffed, and although there was a little confusion with out appointment, we eventually got to see a midwife. On the way out we bumped into some friends who had just been for their first scan, and were waiting to post the photo on facebook to break the news to the world. We did mention to them how it only seemed like five minutes ago that we were doing the very same thing!

By the time we left the hospital it was lunchtime, and as a) we were both quite hungry and b) the kitchen wasn’t really accessible as the father in law was still laying floor tiles, we decided to go to merry hill for a wander round the baby shops to keep the wife on her feet a bit and see if gravity would do its thing, and a spot of lunch in the food area.

I finished the day off by heading back down to the flat for an hour to finish some painting that I had promised the in-laws I would do, although I have been trying to balance my time between getting this painting done, editing wedding photos and looking after the wife, including taking her out to take our mind off the lack of appearance of baby! Fully expecting another quiet night of absolutely nothing, where the closest we get to any activity in the night is me getting up to use the toilet! Oh how I’d love my next post to be welcoming Vokes Jr into the world!


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