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Day 240/365

“Winners never quit and quitters never win. But those who never win and never quit are idiots!”


I’m kinda getting used to this waiting game now, accepting that junior does not have a calendar and is in no hurry to come out. The only real problem it presents is that its really hard to plan anything, we can’t have any big days out and can’t go too far from the hospital. Thankfully we have many friends close by and visited our good friend Tracy and her son today. It was lovely to catch up and spend a couple of hours there, babies don’t stay babies for long, as we are regularly reminded.

Sadly having time off work and little on the agenda doesn’t always guarantee finding the time, opportunity or inspiration for a photo, although I did have an idea when I got up this morning to try something in the garden when it got dark. Its not the best photo i’ve ever taken, it was more of an experiment to see if I could get a reasonable result, although it didn’t turn out too bad. I couldn’t find what I was looking for to carry it out, but I did have a bike light to hand, which did the job along with a piece of string and my camera on a mini tripod.

Time for bed I guess, no lie in tomorrow as we have a hospital appointment at 10am, I might even have to set an alarm!


5 thoughts on “Day 240/365”

    1. Thanks Andrew, it was almost pitch black outside, the long exposure needed for this shot inadvertently lead to the light pollution making the clouds bright enough to be captured! I quite liked it too!


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