365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 234/365

“Family over friends, because real friends are family.”


Due date + 1 and still no movement!

We took a trip to visit the midwife for a quick check up today and they’ve told us to go to the hospital tomorrow for a check on the baby’s weight, although its not a huge cause for concern. I’ve been having a nightmare with calls failing lately and failed to get to the Apple store to get my phone swapped as you have to make an appointment and they’re booked up until Tuesday, which isn’t a great deal of help for me! Thankfully my network operator is swapping it for a new one tomorrow, hopefully I won’t have to wait in too long for it to arrive! We wanted to stay out of the house today as the father in law was supposed to be putting the kitchen floor tiles down and we didn’t want to be sat around just waiting for this baby to arrive. I could cope with the waiting, if I just knew how long we were going to be waiting for! So we headed out to visit my mom first of all, then we headed out to see my friend and my little godson who is growing up so, so fast. His laughs and smiles were so adorable! It was lovely to see him and grab a couple of photos before I blink and he’s 18 years old!!

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