365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 225/365

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”


Well the day ended on a bit of an unexpected conversation with someone, needless to say my “leave it to the last minute” mentality with regards to a daily photo most definitely did NOT pay off today!

After a late start in the morning, I headed back to the flat to start painting the walls so the in-laws can eventually rent it out. Then I had to deliver some wedding photos, and suddenly I find myself with not much of the day left! I did get this snap of the wife looking fairly relaxed earlier, even though she was looking up our rights regarding our new dinner table that has a crack and needs to be replaced after only a week, for us to be told that we have to pay £20 for the new one to be delivered! Pretty sure there has to be a law against that somewhere!


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