365 project, Personal, Photography

Day 218/365

“There is no forgiveness in nature.”


Now the wife is on maternity leave at last, its nice that we can spend a bit of time together. Today we went to get a few more bits from the flat, and give it a bit of a clean, before heading to Ikea. The kitchen fitter was supposed to make it over this afternoon and finish the last few bits in the kitchen, but had to cancel at the last minute, so we decided to grab some snacks from the shop, ready for a film tonight as we still have no TV at the moment. Whilst I was out in the garden during the afternoon, I was removing caterpillars from the Brussel Sprout shoots I was growing, as they have pretty much devastated them! I tossed them into the soil and went to do something else, when I came back I checked to see where they had gone and noticed that the ants had decided it was feeding time and I’d just made their day with a big fat, juicy caterpillar! The ants were working as a team to move the caterpillar back to their hole, it was actually quite impressive how they managed it!


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