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Day 212/365

“Home interprets heaven. Home is heaven for beginners.”


A bad nights sleep is never a good start to the day, too much on my mind at the moment, but I think I got most of it sorted out today. Lets hope tonight is a better nights sleep! Weather has done a total 180 today nothing but rain and cool temperatures, which is set to swap straight back tomorrow with a forecast of 28Âșc! Tidied up a few bits at the house with the father in law, who has been amazing with all the hard work he has put into the house. After a trip to B&Q with him to order the doors for the house, it was back to moving more stuff round. This evening, the wife came with me and cleaned the kitchen cupboards ready for stuff to go in whilst I started on the nursery furniture. It was quite satisfying to get the first bit up! Now its time for a beer, for tonight marks the end of July, and the end of my drinking before the baby arrives, from August 1st I need to be sober and ready to drive in an emergency!

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Day 211/365

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.”


Its hard to believe that a week off work has flown by already. Today I moved more stuff into the new house and spent a little time working in the kitchen before heading out to the final Jujitsu session of the summer, where we worked up a sweat with some kicks, punches and elbows on the pads! Now I have to focus on moving as much as I can in the next two days and making sure the kitchen is ready for use over the weekend! A bitter end to the day was phoning Sky back regarding the house move, only for them to tell me that we will have no phone or internet until the 8th of August and no TV until the 15th! The phone is connected remotely and the TV only needs a new dish fitting… and they can’t do it any sooner? Really?? Pffftt! I did manage to drop off some wedding photos today, including a Blu Ray of the speeches and first dance as it was for a friend, I don’t normally do video otherwise. It was nice to cheer someones evening up!

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Day 210/365

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.”


First monday of the summer holidays and the focus now is almost totally on the new house, if we’re not fixing things we’re moving things in from the flat! We had some pretty mixed weather today, one minute thunder, lightning, rain and hail… then the next minute sunshine and blue sky… then very soon after, more lightning and rain! Thankfully the sky cleared up and left us with a beautiful sunset this evening! Now I can finally sit down and watch the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix on Sky+ while the wife packs clothes ready for moving!

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Day 209/365

“Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold.”


So i’m a little late updating my 365 with a photo for yesterday, but it was a busy day. I had a wedding to photograph and a friend to meet for a drink straight afterwards. I am making the most of being able to 1) visit the pub and 2) do it on a sunday night! From the 1st of August on, i’m off the booze until the baby gets here, in case i’m called upon to drive in the middle of the night. I shot this photo as this poor boy was having his face cleaned by his grandmother, with a tissue. The look in his face says it all!

This week is actually moving in week, and so I had better get my act together, as I have lots to do!

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Day 208/365

“I’ve been in love with the same woman for forty-one years. If my wife finds out, she’ll kill me.”


12 whole months… this time last year I had just become a husband, in fact, right about now as I type this, me and my friends were tearing up the dance floor at my wedding reception! Yes, it has been a whole year since our wedding day. Such a fantastic day which went exactly to plan, and six months of rain had turned into a week of sunshine. Today, 12 months on, the wife is now 8 months pregnant, and we met up with some friends from our antenatal class for lunch. We went to the Plough, in Harborne, which seemed to be full of pregnant women and was hosting a wedding reception. On the way there we drove past the church we got married in, where a wedding ceremony was taking place with the same wedding car and driver sat outside waiting for them! Then this evening we went to one of my favourite restaurants, Casa Italia in Bearwood for an romantic meal together. A lovely way to spend the day with my wife! The candle was bought as a gift from my sister, we have decided to light it each year for a short time.

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Day 207/365

“Rest In Peace our Val”


Today was only about one thing, family and friends getting together to give my aunt Val the send off she deserved, and I think we can safely say we did exactly that! Well done to my cousins for their hard work organising it, it was a day she would have been proud of. A lot of tears were shed today.

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Day 206/365

“Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.”


Without wanting to dwell on the negatives of recent days, the house is coming along a treat and the wife’s recent visit to the midwife went well. All looking good so far. Its our first wedding anniversary on Saturday, can’t even think where the last year has gone!

So glad i’ve finished work for the summer, its given me the chance to spend some time working on the house with the father in law. Today, while working, I spotted lots of white butterflies in the garden… i’ll say one thing, they don’t sit still for long!

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Day 205/365

“Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated.”


Well thats an evening I wasn’t expecting! A double whammy for this week, for sure! On Friday it is my Aunts funeral, strange to think that just three weeks ago I thought she was absolutely fine! Then tonight I find out that the wedding of the year has been cancelled. My good friend delivered the shock news that his then fiance had totally changed her mind. No warning signs, no change in behaviour, just BAM! Truly gutted for him! Sad times!

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Day 204/365

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”


Waking to a thunderstorm always puts a smile on my face, and it didn’t disappoint, apart from not being able to photograph it! The temperature has dropped slightly, although not a huge amount. The end of term marks the chance to turn my alarm clock off for a few weeks, and enjoy some much needed sleep, thats if the heat allows us get rest properly. It may mean yet another cold shower before bed to cool me down and let me sleep properly! An hours samurai jujitsu in the dojo was one big sweatfest tonight, so a shower may be a good idea anyway!

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Day 203/365

“People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.


So the news today… well, I don’t actually have to tell you, its fairly unavoidable to have become aware of the new royal baby. Congrats to Will and Kate, although the news hasn’t been received well by everyone. Facebook is a bit of a mixed bag of opinions, but personally i’m very happy for them. Today marks the peak of the UK heatwave, and with thunderstorms forecast for tonight, and slightly cooler weather ahead things are set to become a bit easier. We ended this heatwave with a staff bbq at work, although I went alone as the wife was too hot and uncomfortable to leave the house once she was home. I took todays shot as I got to the bbq, as work is being surrounded by kamikaze seagulls trying to protect their young in the nearby nest!