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Day 177/365

“The average tourist wants to go to places where there are no tourists.


Yesterday was spent at Mont St-Michel which was sadly a bit of a disappointment. Firstly the sheer volume of other tourists there made it almost impossible to get around. The amount of big hills and steps made me think that the parents pushing buggies and strollers either hadn’t done their research or were made. Secondly, the tourist industry in France saw it in their wisdom to tear up the land around Mont St-Michel to create a new road system, ruining the overall view of this island, essentially what it has become famous for! The reason I have cropped the bottom off my photo is because it is all orange cones, trucks, concrete, drilling and digging equipment! The abbey at the top was amazing, totally made the visit worthwhile, but the rest was a tourist nightmare!

After lunch we headed back to base and some of the staff got ready for a night out being treated at a quirky little beachside restaurant. The wacky owner was a character enough in himself, but then one of the local kept coming up and singing opera and classical songs at us. To be fair, he may have looked scruffy and a bit odd, but he had a talent and the whole restaurant was clapping and cheering! We enjoyed the most beautiful sunset and headed back to base again, but sadly the internet wasn’t working so I couldn’t upload this shot!


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